A Successful Studio Session - Scary Pedals:

This may be obvious to a pro, then again... maybe not.

So you and the band are ready to go into the studio? Well, there are many things to consider and much preparation before hand in order to have a successful studio session. Let's look at the checklist:

  • Know your songs, practice.
  • Lot's of rest before session.
  • Leave friends, girlfriends at home.
  • New Strings, sticks, etc.
  • So that's a good start. Even though these may seem obvious to some, let's now look at each of these issues one by one:


    Don't walk into the studio with songs that are half written. Unless you are extremely wealthy, make sure there are no little issues with the songs you plan to record. Practice them a lot! If possible do a recording at home so you can listen back to it objectively, and get opinions. You are paying for your time there... Know the material or you just waste your time and money!

    Scheduling Time:

    Sometimes we each have busy lives, it can be tough to get into a good studio exactly the times you want. member's of the band probably have jobs outside the band, different schedules, etc. Often you can get a lower rate on studio time by booking your sessions at odd hours of the night. Regardless of when your session is booked make sure everyone participating has had lots of rest, this is after all, what you hope to be a future job, right?

    Friends and Family:

    Yes, it's fun to have all of your friends and your girlfriend at your recording session, but it's a big mistake. No matter how times you tell people to be quiet and just sit and listen - it always happens. Someone will be talking or walking up to you, basically distracting you, the engineer, and the rest of the band, in other words, wasting your valuable time and money in the studio. Don't do it.! Your friends or girlfriend may find it rude that they were not invited. Tough! Instead, invite them to your CD release party, that should settle the matter down.


    When you go into your session, make sure that all of your instruments are in proper working order. Always bring fresh sets of strings, and a couple of pairs of drumsticks. Don't forget your favorite tuner! Do not go into the session stoned! Bring bottles of water, do not hop yourself up on energy drinks, etc. You are spending hard money so treat it like your own business, with respect!


    Lastly, if you have time during the mixing session try some special effects. Once we threw lightbulbs into a closet and recorded the sound. Almost each article I write I mention the same word: "Experiment!"

    - Dave

    My articles are copyrighted by myself and may not be used in any form whatsoever without my written permission.

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