Guitar Pedal Manufacturer Dave Williams To Release New Effects To Public.

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Guitar Pedal Manufacturer Dave Williams to Release New Effects to Public

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Traci OverdriveMonster BoostValve DriveGhost Boost
Traci Overdrive Guitar Pedal - Scary Pedals Monster Boost Guitar Pedal - Scary Pedals Valve Drive Guitar Pedal - Scary Pedals Ghost Boost Guitar Pedal - Scary Pedals

All Pedals - Large:
Scary Pedals Logo
Scary Pedals - Logo - Large:
Scary Pedals Logo
Dave Williams - Owner -Scary Pedals
Dave Williams - Owner -Scary Pedals

Information on each pedal available from the"Handmade Guitar Effects" Link Above.

Please Contact Scary Pedals for further information.

Thank you for your concideration,

Dave Williams

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