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Info for new members, read!
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Please Read!

Post by daveW » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:13 pm


Yes, another new forum. Not much here yet, all forums have to start somewhere however.

1. Please, when you have a question please do a couple of searches first, you may find the answer! If not, then post your question!

2. If you post a picture, PLEASE edit so it is no larger than 800 x 800 pixels! Any larger takes up too much space and load time! Don't know how to resize photos? The internet is your friend! Search for free image resizing! Note: Images exceeding these dimensions will be removed after notification. Thanks!

3. I like to argue, but I do it politely. Please also be polite and non-harassing if arguing a point. Productiveness does NOT come from being an arse! Don't be an arse! Any such posts engaging in this boring behavior will be deleted without notice. Remember, being a member here does not give you the right to post, it is a privilege. Please do not abuse your privilege. We will not be a Jerry Springer-like forum!


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