My current faves and diy obsessions.

What do you like? Fave pedals? Any new discoveries?
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My current faves and diy obsessions.

Post by Dv8r601 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:16 pm

I really like heavy metal but I despise the way any pedal with "metal" or "ultra" or "hi gain" sounds. I love the Timmy. Simple sweet and makes any amp sound more loud. It amplifies your rig in the truest way that no other pedal can. I know that's a bold statement but I feel its true. Also octave fuzz is a weird wonderful beast that when I find one that's close to "perfect" I play it for weeks then say I want it more intense etc. I been chasing that perfect octave fuzz for almost 14 years now. What are y'alls favorite pedals? Anything weird and unique that you want people to know about ?

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Re: My current faves and diy obsessions.

Post by daveW » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:45 am

Hi, and welcome aboard... to ghost town as I call it in it's infancy.

Yeah the Timmy is a great pedal! Mine developed a problem but I'm working on it. I agree about the heavy distortion pedals, some love it but buzz saw to my ears! I prefer smooth crunch overdrive sounds. ac/dc, zz top, Montrose, etc. Listen to early black Sabbath, more of a wide open tube amp, and I think overdrive pedal, don't remember, but nice solid sound! Two of my personal fave's are for chorus an arion sch-1, for overdrive my Traci OD pedal. Some really heavy tunes used little metal distortion to none. Example: Anything led zeppelin! In my years of mixing/mastering I've learned you just don't need all that distortion to construct a heavy sound. It can have it's place however.
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