DOD 250 Grey Clone- Scary Pedals:

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DOD 250 Grey Clone- 1979 ver. Boost / Overdrive Guitar Pedal
DOD 250 Clone.YouTube Pedal Demonstration
This type of pedal gives your guitar rig a nice crunchy overdriven sound, much like a good tube amp with volume cranked up high! Of course you can control the amount of crunch and further saturate your amp by adjusting the gain knob on the pedal, or your guitars volume control. Mainly used for Rock, hard rock, and blues type music, and metal!


DOD 250 Grey Clone 1979

The DOD 250 Grey pedal has been a staple for guitarists for years! A powerful ovberdrive effects pedal. Nice overdrives sounds and great for leads! Will give you a huge saturation into your amp on higher settings! . Perfect for studio or live performance. Click video to hear for yourself! AC or battery operation. Battery does not fit in enclosure, however we give you a free battery adapter clip that plugs into the adapter jack!


  • Handmade Pedal Effects
  • Color: Light blue, White, or Red powder coated
  • High Gain
  • Power: 9V negative center AC adapter (not included)
  • Product size: 1590b Enclosure

Package List:

  • 1 DOD 250 Grey Clone Pedal.
  • 1 9V Battery Plug.
  • 1 Instructions.
  • 1 Shipping Box.
  • 1 Scary Pedals Guitar Pick.

Purchase the 250 Clone:

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Reg price: $79.99! Save, now only $64.95!

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