NuX Effect Pedal CH-3 Vintage Chorus:

NuX CH-3 Vintage Chorus Pedal
NuX CH-3 Chorus Pedal
NuX CH-3

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CH3 is a chorus that fits like a glove with your rig, ranging from fairly mild choruses to all kind of sounds with ambient taste. This chorus pedal has become my favorite, very much similar to the now rare Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus pedal that was in production in the '80s. The effect is delivered via depth, blend and speed control covering a sensible frequency range.


  • High quality effect with flexible function.
  • Adopted low noise BBD in delay circuit, natural and clear sound.
  • True bypass design, minimizes tone loss and gets more control from your pedal.
  • Aluminum alloy housing, good durability.
  • LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition.
  • The pedal can be powered by a battery or AC adapter.
  • 3 adjustable knobs:
  • Depth knob: control the amount of sweep deviation
  • Blend knob: control the amount of chorus effect signal
  • Speed knob: varies sweep rate.

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